I've been experimenting with mixing the 5:2 diet and my keto (low carb / LCHF) diet. Now, I don't like many "diets", but I think the 5:2 diet is an awesome concept and have seen friends get great results from it. Of course I think the keto diet is brilliant too! I'm pretty sure I've [...]

5:2 diet and low carb LCHF keto ketogenic


The dreaded Low Carb flu

I've written about the low carb flu before, and if you just landed on my site looking for information I suggest you read that post. It describes the symptoms of the low carb flu and offers some solutions if you're suffering. I've been on a low carb diet now for just over 3 years and [...]

The low carb flu

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Keto macro calculator (low carb / LCHF)

Are you starting out on a low carb diet (keto, LCHF or similar) or recently started and are wondering if you're eating the correct amounts of protein, fat and carbs? If so, I'd like to point you in the direction of the Keto calculator. My readers have asked me numerous times how they can figure [...]

keto macro calculator for low carb lchf


Ketosis and bad breath (keto breath)

The keto (low carb, LCHF or whatever you want to call it) diet isn't all bacon, weight loss and happiness. One of the side effects of being in ketosis can be bad breath, also known as ketosis breath. Since I've been on my keto  journey, I've encountered 3 types of people: People who don't get [...]

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Keto (LCHF / low carb) clay pot cooking.

My parents gave me and my husband a Römertopf clay pot for Christmas. So far everything we've cooked in it is AMAZING. It's so easy to use, you just soak it for half an hour (the clay absorbs some of the water and releases it during cooking), put your meat and/or veggies, spices etc in the [...]

Keto (LCHF / low carb) clay pot cooking. thumbnail


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