Keto (LCHF / low carb) clay pot cooking.

Römertopf clay pot, keto magic

The Römertopf clay pot – (Low carb magic pot)

My parents gave me and my husband a Römertopf clay pot for Christmas. So far everything we’ve cooked in it is AMAZING. It’s so easy to use, you just soak it for half an hour (the clay absorbs some of the water and releases it during cooking), put your meat and/or veggies, spices etc in the pot and put it in the oven. The oven needs to be COLD when you put it in. You can slow cook on a low heat or for a shorter time on higher heat.

What can you use it for?

I don’t know what magical wonders happens inside this thing but somehow everything tastes great. I’ve thrown in a lamb shoulder (seasoned with salt and pepper), with garlic, broccoli, rosemary and a bit of onion and slow cooked for 2-3 hours, then taken the top off and cranked up the heat for a while to roast it at the very end. This can be served with a nice salad and a home made bernaise sauce, a perfect gourmet keto friendly meal.

You can also do stuff like 40 clove garlic chicken, slow cooked pork etc. I highly recommend it!


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