Keto macro calculator (low carb / LCHF)

Keto calculator is an easy way to figure out your macros

Keto (lchf / low carb) macros calculatorAre you starting out on a low carb diet (keto, LCHF or similar) or recently started and are wondering if you’re eating the correct amounts of protein, fat and carbs? If so, I’d like to point you in the direction of the Keto calculator. My readers have asked me numerous times how they can figure out what % of protein they need, what their carb % should be etc. and I always direct them to the calculator.

It’s relatively easy to use, you just put in your numbers for height, weight etc, then enter your goals. The calculator shows you the exact amount of protein, fat and carbs that’s desirable for YOUR body and even predicts how much weight you´ll lose over time if you follow the directions. That’s not all! You can take the information from the calculator and put into something like Online Food Diary or similar so you can easily track your food, calories and macros.

But I hate the idea of tracking my food

If you think it’s too overwhelming to track everything you eat, just do what I did. Track everything you eat for 2 weeks. You´ll learn a LOT about what you’re eating and how much food should be on your plate. When the 2 weeks are up you can try to eyeball it for a month or so and then track again for a couple of days to see if you’re still doing it right. Keep doing this until you’re an expert. Tracking every day for months and months was just too much of a commitment for me, but this method worked really well.

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