Low carb breakfast – not an impossible task

Low carb breakfast Low Carb Breakfast – Not An Impossible Task!

One of the things you worry about when starting a low carb diet is eating a low carb breakfast. Let’s face it, we live in a world where external appearances have strong influence. Whether our home, car or office, the way things look in our daily routine can drastically change certain outcomes. One major component of our outcomes is our own personal appearance. Our external appearances widely vary, but there are certain things we could all do in order to improve our image. We must look at ourselves as a brand, and this brand is what other people look at daily and decide on buying or not (have you thought of your hourly rate yet? :] ) Basically, it all comes down to looking good and well to the public. The most difficult part of having that full package is controlling our weight. Therefore, it is important to educate ourselves on how we can easily live a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice much. Let’s get started!

Losing weight on a low carb diet

There are 2 basic components of losing weight. The first is eating a well-balanced, low carb diet. The second is performing efficient physical activity. The former is usually the hardest to follow. Since we all start our day in the morning (or at least most of us do!), let’s take a look at how we can enjoy one of the most important meals of the day without crossing our calorie limit – a low carb breakfast!

Before you decide on what low carb breakfast meals you want to make, it is very important that you understand what foods are actually low in carbohydrates. Foods can widely vary in carbohydrate content, being split up in two main categories – complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Therefore, in order to achieve a low carb diet to assist in loosing some stomach fat, it is important to stick to the main rule, which is to opt for only low carbohydrate foods like fish, meat, dairy products, poultry and non-starchy vegetables.

Eggs are probably the easiest and most common low carb breakfast one can make. Not only are eggs very versatile, but extremely nutritious and cheap as well. Eggs with bacon, along with tomato and mushrooms, make a great traditional breakfast that surely will keep you fully satisfied all morning long. Further, eggs can also be boiled, poached or scrambled.
275grams of fresh, ready to eat and washed spinach
2 table-spoons of grated parmesan cheese
salt and black pepper
225grams of sliced ham
1 table-spoon white distilled vinegar
2 eggs

Microwave the purchased spinach for 5 minutes on high volume. Sprinkle the cheese and the season for extra taste. Chop the spinach in small pieces. Saute the purchased ham in a frying pan for 2 full minutes or until it gets a bit browned. Add vinegar to a pan with simmering water and make a whirlpool in the center. Drop one egg into the whirlpool, close the heat and leave it covered for four minutes or until it is set. Repeat the process with the 2nd egg.
Ultimately, serve the eggs on top of the ham.

Omelettes can also make a fast and substantial low carb breakfast. Try also adding cheese, peppers, mushrooms or harm to the omelette to add even more flavor.

Low-carb burritos can also make a very satisfying breakfast dish. Initially, scramble some eggs, plus add some jalapenos. Fill up a low-carb tortilla with eggs and sprinkle some salsa and grated cheese.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the right products that have the desired carbohydrate content. It is up to you to have the knowledge to purchase the products and make the right meals. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for your low carb breakfast!

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