Low carb dinners for you

Low carb dinners

Is low carb effective?

You may be wondering if low carb dinners are really effective. It depends on what your definition of effective is. Yes, low carb diets will help you in losing weight quickly, maybe even faster than anything other than a complete crash diet. Before you delve any further into such diets, there are certain things you will need to know about carbohydrates that will help in shedding some light as to why you should or should not opt for this sort of dieting.

The basics

All the food that is consumed by humans can be clustered into three primary groups; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are mainly starch and sugars. Some examples of foods high in carbohydrates are:

Grains and grain-based products e.g. rice, wheat, pasta, cereals and bread
Sweets and products that have high additional sugar levels e.g. fizzy drinks, chocolate and cakes
Starchy root veggies, potatoes and starchy fruits e.g. parsnips, carrots and bananas
Sweet fruits and fruit juices e.g. apples, grapes and oranges

When you indulge in low carb dinners (they’re really yummy, just check out my recipe section and see for yourself! 😀 ) , you will be restricting the calorie count you would be getting from these types of high carb foods. You will not have to cut out the carbohydrates completely (down to 5% is good) but the likelihood of consuming less of them than you would when on generic calorie-restricted diets and low fat diets is quite high. When on a low carb diet, the amount of fat and protein consumed will be higher than what you would get on a standard diet.

So how does this kind of diet work?

Your body processes the carbohydrates as an energy source, but it gets stored as fat if not used up. When you restrict your consumption of carbohydrates, your body switches into ketosis (a different state of metabolism) whereby your body ends up using up fat reserves for energy. The main metabolic advantage is whereby your body ends up using extra calories for processing the high fat amounts. Eating plenty of fat during your low carb dinners makes you feel fuller for longer and therefore you end up consuming fewer calories.

Is this the appropriate diet for you?

Eating low carb dinners can be an ideal solution if any of the following points are applicable to you:

You often get hungry throughout the day despite even having had a meal not so long ago
You feel sluggish and tired after indulging in a big meal
You experience indigestion and bloating quite often
You don’t have time or energy to count points or calories
You enjoy eating butter, cream, fatty meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese and other high fat, moderate protein foods
Other weight loss methods have failed to work for you in the past


For starters, low carb dinners and diets will really work for you. If you stick to your chosen diet plan and do the diet properly, weight loss will start at an easier and faster rate than would be the case with a standard diet. Feeling hungry frequently will be a thing of the past unlike the case with calorie restricted and low-fat diets. Many people have reported improvement in well-being, overall health as well as digestion as a benefit.


The low carb dinners can start getting monotonous and a bit boring after a while, making you crave foods with carbohydrates. These cravings will however subside after you have clocked a couple of weeks on the diet. Solution: Get creative, start collecting recipes (I use Pinterest) and don’t be afraid to try new things. I can honestly say I’m NOT bored with my low carb dinners and I’ve been on a low carb diet for over a year. And note that I have 3 kids and a husband who doesn’t eat low carb. I only need to make very small modifications to our dinner to keep everyone happy.

Your grocery bills will spike a little since protein and fat-rich foods such as fish and meat tend to be a tad bit more costly than your breads and pastas, which are packed with carbohydrates. Solution: Well, I was shocked at first when I saw the food bill spike but after 2-3 weeks my appetite dropped down 50%, I don’t eat as much or as often as in the beginning. So just wait 🙂

Vegetarians find it an uphill and somewhat impossible task following and adhering to low-carb diet dinners. Solution: Same as above, get creative and plan ahead. I often read about vegetarians doing keto/lchf diets and they do just fine once they learn a few new meals to cook! It’s absolutely doable.

I’ve posted recipes for some very good low carb dinners, check them out:

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