Recipe: Keto Sushi !!

keto sushi

Keto sushi!

Keto sushi

This will be short and it’s not REALLY a recipe. But whatever. It was my birthday yesterday and I really wanted sushi so I decided to try and make some with cauliflower “rice”. The results were good. Was it perfect? No. Was it good enough to satisfy sushi cravings and till stay in ketosis? YES!! I could taste a little bit of the cauliflower and the cream cheese I mixed with it to make it stick, but with the soy sauce and wasabi it was hardly noticeable.

So if you want to try this just prepare everything for the keto sushi as you normally would except you “rice” fresh cauliflower with a grater or food processor and heat it with oil on medium heat for 10-15 minutes or until you like the texture. Mix in the rice vinegar and some cream cheese and let the “rice” cool. Make the sushi rolls as you normally would. The cauli rice was a little weird to work with and you probably can’t make an inside out roll or anything fancy like that.

I’m obviously not an expert on rolling sushi, I’ve only made it once before with real rice, so the look of it isn’t perhaps the greatest but I definitely got my sushi-kick! Also know that while this is keto-friendly it’s not exactly keto because it lacks fat, even with the cream cheese, so… bacon for desert? Or bacon-sushi .. hmm..

Sorry but I didn’t calculate the macros.

I’m definitely going to make keto sushi again, I know how to make sushi with fried chicken and it’s soooo frekaing good. I need to hunt for a good keto friendly fried chicken recipe and incorporate it into my keto sushi. I also need better rolling skills. As you can see from the picture I didn’t do a really good job haha 🙂


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