Snake Diet – Is fasting a good combo with keto?

I’ve been reading up on the Snake diet. Since I got into keto a few years ago, I’ve always wanted to try fasting. I’ve dabbled with 16:8, and it’s not hard when you’re in ketosis. I already know that I can go for a long time without food in ketosis and not feel like crap. But somehow, I haven’t had the nerve to do a 100% fast.

When I´ll start fasting

I think I´ll let the Christmas season pass, my diet is a bit crappy and I´ll probably get keto flu when I get back into the game because I’ve been cheating and I feel foolish. I should practice what I preach, but alas, I’m not perfect. I’ve been eating low carb consecutively now for almost two years, and since 2012/2013 I’ve been in keto probably 80% of the time. I’ve stuck with it even if I’ve only lost weight in the beginning. So, it’s a horrible cliché, but January 2nd will be my starting point for fasting.

Why I like being in ketosis

I just prefer being in ketosis; I think it’s a superior way to eat. Being fat burning instead of sugar burning gives me lots of benefits:

  • More energy
  • No Bloating
  • Not hungry all the time
  • No blood sugar crashes
  • I can go forever with no or very little food, that’s good because I’m too lazy to cook all the time
  • The euphoric feeling at a certain point
  • I lose weight, or at least don’t gain any
  • I have lessened pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, and fewer headaches.

Taking ketosis to the next level with fasting

I’m at that point where I don’t lose weight with just eating keto foods. And after I started my new job I’ve been way too tired to weigh everything and prepare meals ahead of time. It’s been a real mess to tell you the truth since my family is not very supportive when it comes to making sure there is keto food around. So if I don’t do the grocery shopping and cooking myself, I´ll end up eating a boiled egg or a few slices of pepperoni for dinner, and it sucks. Carbs have been sneaking into my diet, and of course, that doesn’t help with weight loss and makes me feel bad. So, while I know that fasting will be damn hard in other ways, I’m going to give it a go and see if I can get back on track.

The Snake diet

The Snake Diet

Someone in my Ankylosing Spondylitis group on Facebook mentioned the Snake diet, so I looked it up. I’d been searching for a version of a fast that takes electrolytes into the mix, because I know I feel like crap without them, and the Snake diet fit the description. In short, I´ll mix up an electrolyte drink with lemon juice, ACV, etc. (called Snake Juice) to help the kidneys and sip it throughout the day. I´ll do at least 48-hour fasts, refeed with low carb meals and get back to fasting. I WILL EVEN GIVE UP COFFEE! I’m dreading that way more than giving up food, seriously.

Preparing for the Snake diet

So after Christmas, I´ll try to detox from carbs and caffeine as much as I can until January 2nd when I go all in. That way I won’t get a killer low carb flu and caffeine withdrawal symptoms. The Snake diet guy, who’s a bit funny with all the yelling and swearing, recommends giving up all medication but I don’t think that´ll be wise for me without consulting a doctor, so I´ll continue taking them. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I´ll have to order some of the snake juice ingredients online now and hope they´ll be here on time.

What I think will happen

It’s going to suck at first, but I´ll get used to it. I´ll probably even like it after a while. I´ll see excellent results and my coworkers will hate me since I´ll have bad breath, and no chewing gum is allowed.

Do you think I’m nuts or is this a good plan? Anyway, watch this space!

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