Snake diet test – week 1 update

If you read my previous post about the snake diet fasting protocol, I thought you might like an update!

My snake diet dates were off

I thought I’d start the new year with fasting, but I didn’t. I was sick between Christmas and new year and just didn’t have the willpower to begin on January 2nd. The plan was to go into ketosis and start weaning off coffee before January so that I could begin straight away. But, instead, I started eating keto again on January 2nd and spent the week dealing with keto flu, caffeine withdrawals and the remainder of the illness I had over Christmas (nasty cold).

How it’s been so far: blergh .. mostly

snake diet keto

I’m still not 100% off coffee, but I’ve gone from 10-15 cups a day to 3-5 and will continue. It’s been rough; I’m so addicted to caffeine it’s terrible. I’ve been lethargic, I’ve had a mild headache for five days, but I haven’t been stricken with keto flu yet since I’ve been following my advice on how to get rid of it, and it works.

What’s most important for me when I’m eliminating carbs is to get enough electrolytes, it makes a huge difference.

I’ve started my first snake juice fast – yikes

Snake diet and keto

Last night I had my last low carb meal for 48 hours, and as of now, I’m just over 16 hours into it. I feel a little weird but not hungry. I decided to do the first fast over a weekend since I was afraid I’d be no good at work. That I’d have my stomach growling loudly in the office, and it would be so embarrassing. I’ve warned my husband that I might be feeling tired this weekend, and I hope I don’t snap at anyone. I’m sipping my snake juice, and I know it´ll help with not feeling like shit the whole time.

Fasting app for snake diet

I´ll post an update after the weekend. Right now, I’m taking my beautiful Labrador, Ender, for a walk. I hope it´ll make the day go faster.

One thing I’d like to add is to say just how much I love being in ketosis again. I felt so lousy eating carbs over Christmas, and I just think that a ketogenic diet is way superior to burning carbohydrates. I already sleep better, I’ve lost 2.5 kg of the bloat I put on over the holidays, and my head feels clearer than before. Carbs make me tired all the time, but I can’t sleep well, my heart rate gets elevated and just ….. ugh. I hate carbs.

Are YOU doing the snake diet? I’d love to hear about your experience with it! Leave a comment 😀

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