Why I’m following the keto diet

Beef and broccoli, yum

Beef and broccoli – great keto food

Me and my husband have been following the lchf (low carb high fat) also known as the keto/ketogenic diet for some time now. We’ve both lost a lot of weight (fat, not muscle), we feel great, our health tests have improved, we’re never hungry, eat great food and are constantly surprised by our increased energy levels and focus. We’ve never been more productive, both at work and home.

We’ve both struggled with low fat diets, being constantly hungry and weak. We studied the lchf diet before we started and not just some propaganda website but proper journals. We found nothing that scared us away.

Now, this diet isn’t magic. It’s not just that we’re eating tons of bacon, cream, cheese and getting thinner. The thing is, when you eat a lot of fat (65 fat/30 protein/5 carbs), you get full a lot faster and consume fewer calories. Your blood sugar doesn’t sky rocket after meals only to crash back down and make you hungry, shaky and craving carbohydrates. We get nice and even energy all day long. We get our carbs from leafy green vegetables and other nice low carb veggies like avocados, broccoli, cauliflower etc.

If anyone’s interested in the lcfh (keto) diet you can check out (besides hanging around my blog and looking me up on Facebook) :



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